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InCite is about equipping you, whether a church or marketplace Leader, to lead without limits! Do you want to know how to grow yourself as well as your ministry or your team? Do you want to learn how to get healthy as a leader? If so, InCite ’17 is just for you!

I hope you will come discover the greatest growth secrets and learn how to reach your next level of leadership development. This past year’s InCite with Guest Speaker Mark Batterson was one to remember!

The Bible says, “If you have the gift of leadership, do it diligently.” (Romans 12:8) I’m certain you have the gift of leadership, or you would not be perusing this website. Come join us for InCite ‘17, and together we will discover how to lead more diligently for the cause of Christ, both in the church, and in the marketplace!

Welcome to InCite ’17!

Because of Jesus,